Nov 12, 2019

Macabre Non-Fiction with Stephanie’s Husband

November is Non-Fiction November. I have my husband Jesse joining me this week to talk about some non-fiction about death or the death industry. If you want more non-fiction recommendations, you can check out the first time we did Non-Fiction Horror Episode with ABookOlive.


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The Tear Collector by Shawn Burgess

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Oct 29, 2019

Top Stephen King Favorite Novels Part Two

The conclusion of our countdown of your favorite Stephen King titles.  Bound to be some surprises in here. 
Also, a podcast-changing announcement at the end.  Enjoy!



Oct 15, 2019

Top Stephen King Novels Part. One

This week we're counting down the top favorite Stephen King novels as voted by the listeners of Books In the Freezer.  This episode includes Devin and Steph talking about their experience with the works of King, and a countdown of some honorable mentions plus numbers 14-10 on our countdown. 



Oct 1, 2019

Fairy Tale Horror

It's Happy endings all around this week guys!  We're looking at Fairy Tales... Horror-style.
Complete cameo reccomendation and a lengthy talk about It Chapter 2 in our Chilling Obsessions!



Sep 17, 2019

Fireside Chat With Rachel

This week is about looking back on the early days of Books In The Freezer, with Steph and Rachel catching up what life has been like since she stepped away from the podcast, as well as how both of their reading have changed over the past few months.  


Sep 3, 2019

Question & Answer, 2.0

This week we do our second Question and Answer episode, the first one since Devin joined the podcast.  

Aug 20, 2019

Folk Horror

This week we're diving into the weird realm of the ancient traditions of eerie townsfolk, and maybe some debate over Nicolas Cage in The Wicker Man. This week we're talking about the unconventional genre of Folk Horror.

Aug 6, 2019

Horror Westerns

Yeeehaw!  This week we're talking showdowns at high noon, and late nights in the old saloon, looking at some Westerns who dabble in the terrifying world of Horror.  (And Devin may or may not have read his first Jonathon Janz title!)

Jul 23, 2019

Anticipated 2019 Releases Part Two

With more than half of 2019 behind us, this week we're looking at some of the titles we're looking forward to see released in the second half of the year.


Jul 9, 2019

Author Interview: Riley Sager

He's the author of Final Girls, The Last Time I Lied, and now Lock Every Door.  This week on Books In The Freezer we had the chance to talk with NYT Bestselling author Riley Sager.  

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